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How To Stop A Dog Chewing Feet

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Stop Dog Chewing

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A dog who is constantly chewing its feet may be suffering from a number of medical problems, so it is important to diagnose this before considering all the other possible contributing factors and solutions. Yeast infections, allergies, and other factors can lead to this behavior. Certain breeds are more sensitive than others.

Therefore, if you really want to stop a dog chewing feet, you should check with your vet to rule out and seek treatment for these possible conditions as well as get their recommendations on how to treat your dog. If allergies are present, it may be necessary to adjust your dog's diet or eliminate other environmental factors contributing to the problem.

If the cause is not medical, it is time to investigate the underlying behavioral causes. Is your dog high strung? Does the chewing occur at specific times? Are you giving your dog enough walks, training, and mental stimulation?

Ensure that you are giving your dog enough socialization with other dogs and people, as well as at least one walk a day (preferably two). Additionally, make sure he gets enough mental stimulation. This means 10 - 15 minutes of training and puzzles daily. Dogs love to be challenged, so if you can provide a game or toy that will rack their brains, they will be very grateful, and become much more obedient.

Offering a specific toy to chew on is also a good way of distracting your dog from chewing his feet. If you have a young puppy whose teeth are still growing, providing appropriate objects for gnawing and chewing is a must.

One strategy is to take your pup's favorite chew toy and put it in the freezer for a few hours. Wait until it is well-frozen, then offer it to the puppy or full-grown dog to play with. This will distract your dog for hours, as well as give him some relief from whatever pain he may have in his gums and teeth.

Bitter tasting sprays, such as Bitter Apple or Tabasco Sauce, can be purchased and used safely on your dog's paws if incessant chewing is causing you some concern and there is no apparent cause. The unpleasant taste should be enough to deter your dog from continued chewing and prevent future repeat episodes. Do some reading or talk to your vet about these products to determine if they are appropriate answer on how to stop a dog chewing feet. Every dog is different, and it is important to find the solution that is right for your pet's temperament and specific behavioral patterns.

Lastly, you should pay attention to any changes in your dog's behavior, as this is their main method of communicating with you. Enjoy maintaining a healthy lifestyle with your dog, and remember to consult with a professional if there are issues you can't resolve on your own. Your dog deserves the best treatment you can give.


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How to Stop a Dog Chewing Feet | Dog Training Basics
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Does your dog love to chew your feet? Does your Dog chew his own feet? Learn how to stop this and other annoying dog issues.


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